Thursday, March 12, 2009

Talking Rocks - March 12, 2009

Good Thursday morning! I noticed a very fine looking moon in the sky last night, and lo and behold, it was still in the sky this morning! Now this might seem like I'm being a little silly, but there it is. We look at the state of our economy, and we look at the state of the world's economy, and then we might try to give in to despair. However, this morning I am reminded that in both cases, it is actually God's economy and He is still in charge. Giving your entire self up to Jesus does not mean that we hold on to our doubts and fears. While this time may be sufficient reason to induce economic fear in rocks, we are to place our faith in Jesus. No kidding, a rock came up to me yesterday seeking comfort because an oil company had evicted him and his family from a nice patch of ground out west of town. His stock funds for retirement had lost so much value that he didn't think retirement would ever be possible, his wife had her position eliminated at the quarry, and to top it all off a cow had raised her tail and dumped all over him and his four little stones just that morning. Terrible times indeed.

Of course I'm being a bit silly when writing about talking rocks, but one day the Bible says that people will call out to the rocks to fall on them, hoping that will hide them from the face of Almighty God. What seems silly on a cold morning in March, may suddenly become deadly serious. Ha, ha, ha... calling out to rocks, how silly would that be? On a normal morning, we might laugh. During the end times, those folks will be completely serious so extreme will be their fear of God. If you would rather not see those you love and respect in that condition, it might be a good time to tell them the Good News of Christ Jesus. Yes, the moon made its lonely trip around the planet today and we will probably see it do so again tomorrow and the next night. However, one day the Bible says that moon won't be there. What a great day it will be when Christ appears in the skies in His glory! Maybe today I will just look to Christ instead of the state of the economy.

Have a great day in Christ Jesus!


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