Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Turn to Jesus! - March 3, 2009

Good Tuesday morning! Today is a square day. Eh? I mean that the date forms a square as in 3/3/09 - 3x3=9. You mean some people are worried about that? Yeah, I heard it on the news this morning and of course cannot get it out of my head now. The next one will be April 4, 2016 in case you want to mark your calendar. Everywhere we look we can find things to worry about that will turn our heads from the main goal of glorifying our Father in heaven. If it isn't a little thing, then we find a big thing. The stock market dropped again, more fighting in a far country, and other news events bombard us throughout the day. Do you suppose we are in a testing phase now?

This morning, as I read the news about yet another drop in our stocks, I thought that perhaps God is testing to see how many of us will turn completely to trusting Him and how soon we will get to it. If you are trusting in the remains of your stock fund or in that one little pile of shares, it looks like a good time to realize that trusting in God is the way to go. If you are trusting in the government as it pours billions into a seemingly bottomless pit, maybe now would be a good time to turn to Jesus. If you are trusting in your worries to guide you, clinging to your problems like a barnacle on a sinking ship, you might just want to look for the hand of God reaching out to save you from this world. The time has definitely come for us to trust fully and only in God.

This is also a good time to support each other in this. Tell your friends and neighbors to turn to Jesus. We already see the difficulty in trusting in the things of this world. I see a great revival coming as people start wondering just who can be trusted and where they can safely place their faith. Let us all get ready to point to the Way and reflect the Light!

Rest your trust in God today,


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