Saturday, November 12, 2016

Well, It's Over

A holiday was enjoyed by all yesterday. Okay, maybe just a whole bunch of folks. No, all I really know about is me and a few others. I'm not sure I can even know about them. I would like to think that everyone had a wonderful day yesterday, but some may not have enjoyed it quite so much. I did make it to Big B's for a free burger basket, and then I had one of those pieces of pie that we cannot enjoy daily for fear of gaining 600 pounds. I didn't make it to the school and Rotary event, but not everyone is made for all things and that's okay too. However, I do feel a little down today.

No matter how much preparation and anticipation goes into a holiday, in spite of how much we put into the celebration, the holiday ends. We cannot keep it. Memories will fade in time. People will no longer speak of it. The day is gone. That is one sad thing about life here on this fallen earth; at some point, we stop and say, "Well, it's over." Perhaps there is something there that will change when we enter eternity with our Lord.

Heaven's celebrations will become the New Earth's celebrations, and maybe we get to keep those days. Every time we think of the wedding of the Lamb, we may get that day all over again. Celebrations may not just be high points of our relationship with the Lord, but the place where we go further in and higher up. No let down day after the big celebration? I'm not sure how to imagine that right now in this life. It may be something I'll need to trust God to hold onto for now.

Have a great weekend in Christ!

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