Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Happy All Saints Day, Saints!

One more week to go... pray for our nation, please! The day we enjoy the privilege of voting comes closer. And now, saints of the Lord, it is your day! Give yourself a hug for believing in Jesus. Not everyone makes that decision and not all will be saved. Our Lord has begun a great work in you and He has assured your place in Heaven. Once you were lost in your sin but the Lord Jesus has caused your rebirth in the Spirit. Before there was no hope for you, but now He is our hope and redemption. Does it seem like all the work is on His part thus far?

When it comes to salvation, the work is indeed all on our Lord. Come to think of it, that sanctification thing is pretty much His show too. I wonder where Heaven is? I think Jesus will have to come back and get us for any of us to get there too. Go forth! Make disciples of all the nations. Is that something the saints can do alone to become saints? No, even the great apostles back in the first days of Acts had to wait before the Holy Spirit came on them. I'm guessing that none of us would accomplish much without an enabling and empowering by the Spirit either. This really is His story, isn't it?

Praise God that He loves us and wants us to do well in His work so much that He does enable and empower His saints. So, have a happy All Saints Day, Saints! He chose us and brought us to Himself.


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