Thursday, November 17, 2016

Proof That Faith Exists?

So, winter comes at last today or tonight (or maybe tomorrow, late or early); we ran out of oil in 1973, or maybe 1987, but the largest discovery in the US was announced in Texas; and people have trouble believing that our Lord Jesus rose from the dead? With the news we have endured over the past few decades, it doesn't seem that far fetched. Ah, but that is the backwards way. We don't look for the truth by showing the lies have been proved wrong about something else. If you want to be proven honest in court, you don't produce a parade of liars as witnesses to their own dishonest ways. When we want to show from the Word that our Lord rose again, we look to the words of truth: what do you believe about Jesus the Christ?

The Bible produces eyewitnesses to the resurrection of Christ Jesus. Yet, if a person does not want to believe, the eyewitnesses are proven liars in the court of the unbeliever's mind before we can even present the next part of our case. Jesus sent prophets centuries before His arrival to tell of His life and death and life after the grave, yet even His own people did not believe. The Son of Man Himself said three times that His life would be given for many and then He would rise again, but even His own disciples did not believe at that time. Any of us may find it easier to believe in the permanence of death than in the resurrection of our Lord; in fact before we came to believe in faith in our Lord's resurrection from the dead, that is exactly what we saw in our future.

Jesus saw something else coming in this age, and then He proved it by rising again from death and the grave. But we cannot see that with the eyes of this earth, we must believe and have faith in Christ. It's tough, I cannot prove that faith exists. I cannot produce Jesus in a court and touch Him as proof that He is risen. But, somehow, I believe in Him! Faith is a funny thing. It is easily mocked by the world, constantly scoffed at, impossible to touch, smell, hear, or see, and yet the very One in whom we place that faith said it is powerful enough to move a mountain. I cannot grab a shaker of grace and pour it over me, but I know the grace Jesus earned on the cross exists just as much as my faith. How can it be so? Maybe we should...ask Him!

In Christ,

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