Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Let Thy Will Be...Voted On?

What a fiasco that would be. Try to imagine a couple hundred million people trying to vote on what God's will would be for the next year. All those individual needs and wants, frailties, fumbles, and falsehoods, all vying for what they think is best for God's will for all of us in the next year. If you are not frightened enough yet, think on a four year term next. Now think of those two hundred million people all praying in Christ, "Let Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven." Whoa! That could happen. All we need is a revival, another great awakening of faith, a nationwide turning to Christ. This is not beyond our Lord's capabilities and would make such a difference in the world.

We do not get to vote on God's will, and that is a wonderful thing. However, we do get to come to Him in prayer. Prayer is better than a vote because it starts with His will and not ours. We don't have to use the same exact words each time in prayer, but the model Jesus gave to us certainly contains the elements we need. Acknowledging God's holiness, seeking His coming Kingdom, praying that His will be done, petitioning His provision and mercy, and a reminder to obey His command to forgive. Temptation is best avoided and we don't want anything to do with that evil one. And finally, give it all up to Him forever.

Today, as the vote is taken across our land, I feel a strong urge toward prayer. May His will be done!


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