Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Silent Life of Ezekiel's Wife

Snow? It wasn't supposed to snow today. It is only a little, but it is still snow. Surprise, Ezekiel the prophet had a wife. We meet her in Chapter 24 of his book.

So I spoke to the people in the morning, and at evening my wife died; and the next morning I did as I was commanded. (v18)

There she went, hope you got to know her quite well. We can't even get up a good trivia question regarding her name.

During this time, Ezekiel also had a silence going on in which he could only speak the words the Lord gave him. After the Lord told Ezekiel that his wife would be taken, he could not tell her what was coming or even let her know in words that he loved her or say goodbye. On top of that, E. was not allowed to mourn, weep, or let tears run down his face after his wife was taken.

Ezekiel's wife doesn't speak a word of the text, and yet our very small knowledge of her life may say quite a volume about us. We might think God mean or cruel to take a man's wife like that. Should we though? As we get older, many of us think that a quick taking by the Lord, who is good and gentle, sounds like just about the best exit we could hope for from this life. Many are taken from us without warning, suddenly; Ezekiel received advance notice and had a little time to spend with his wife before her time came. Above all is that question: Do we trust in God's goodness?

A separation hurts. Be it spouse or children, parents or friends, we hurt from the sorrow of separations in this life. But, this life is not God's final answer, and we trust in His sovereign goodness that tells us of our loved one's dwelling place in a better kingdom, God's kingdom. We may want to think more on God's goodness, and a bit less on the sorrow of our situation.

Have a blessed day in Christ!

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