Monday, November 21, 2016

Oh, Let's Be Thankful!

How to live the Christian life is a question many a follower of Christ has asked throughout the ages. Many of those things our Lord did were one time things. As far as I can tell, there were no angelic hosts singing in the heavens when I was born and my conception I can safely assume happened in the normal way. My knowledge of the scriptures at the age of 12 did not dazzle the professors of the word and I have not at least thus far brought anyone to life. You can probably make similar claims, but that does not call our faith into question. On the other hand, this week is a good reminder that you and I can be thankful for all our Lord has done.

One of the excellent ways we have to follow Jesus is to cultivate a steadfast grateful attitude; you can shorten it to gratitude, if you wish. Yes, it does not come easily and we need our Lord's constant help to be steadfast in gratitude. During the times when pain threatens to overwhelm, we may struggle to be thankful. When tragedy strikes and we do not see the good God is bringing from the situation yet, giving thanks for the circumstance does not readily come to mind. However, it is in those times that gratitude may be our best witness of the many blessings God has given to us.

Job was hit with so much bad news that the messengers were nearly shoving each other out of the way to deliver bad tidings. And, praise God, Job was not super-gratitude man after all of these tragedies laid him into the ashes in mourning. Job struggled to show gratitude to the Lord; he wanted to meet the Lord in court, to bring God Himself to judgment! Many of King David's psalms start with a deep and bitter complaint. Moses didn't quite skip through the wilderness with a merry tune on his lips each day. We have a lot of good company in the tough life category, but we also have the Spirit of God in our hearts to raise up gratitude when we need to express it most. Trust in God and we shall have good help in giving thanks this week!

Thank you, dear Abba, for Your steadfast blessings!

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