Monday, November 07, 2016

Has Time Caught Up With You Yet?

This weekend is part of our semi-annual self-inflicted torture ritual wherein we adjust the daily time. I only say self-inflicted because it originates in Congress and we voted them into their positions. Perhaps in some parts of the country we can begin un-inflicting ourselves on Tuesday, hey? Yes, consider voting for candidates who will stop the semi-annual torture of the time changes!

If you failed to compensate for the time changing on any or all of your clocks, time may not have caught up with you yet. This causes unusually early rising in the morning as it did with someone whose name I won't mention this morning. To cover for the guilty, we can just call her "Mom" in any further examples.

It is interesting for those of us given to anxious worry that time never quite catches up with us. We seek out imaginary futures, fill them with dread and worry, season them with fear, and cause no events at all in the real world. Time never catches up with a future that exists only in our imaginary horror show. We do however harm ourselves with this sort of activity as anxious worry induces real changes in the body. In other words, sick with worry isn't just an idle expression, or maybe that should be idol expression.

When time does finally catch up with me, I find every time that Jesus was not with me in that imaginary phantasmagoria I created out of worry. I used the example of my court time in a devotional a while back. Had I been able to charge like a lawyer does for all of that court time, I figure I would have earned something like a million dollars this spring and summer. When the case was settled, I had spent no time in court in the real world. The present was where my Lord Jesus was when that real time caught up to me. Now that I have 'fallen back' by resetting my clocks (those that didn't set themselves that is) perhaps I can use this reminder to remain here in the present with my ever-present friend, Jesus.

Blessed be His name,

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