Tuesday, November 15, 2016

But, We're On The Border!

Good morning to those who love Christ Jesus and are called by Him! Filling in a web form yesterday I ran into a problem, it called crossing the border an error. Little did the designers of said form know that it fits rather nicely into my message for this morning. Yes, we are on the border and the world does not like it. Misery loves company, as the old saying goes, and they do not want us to cross over to be with our Lord Jesus! We may not realize just how close to the border of paradise we are on this fine day.

When John looked up he saw a door standing open in Heaven. How close do we have to be to see a door and know it for what it is? Even in worldly terms we need to be fairly close. The great divide may be too deep for us to cross on our own, but it may not be as wide as we might be tempted to think. The bridge made by our Lord Jesus may not be so very far after all. The border between the Shadowlands and the reality of eternity with our Lord is just a short command away from us. "Come up here!" and John was there in the Spirit. How quickly will we make the journey when this old body is left behind? Paul said like going to sleep and waking up. In the blink of an eye. Whether we think about it or not, we are right on the border of our home!

Yes, we may have some trips near that border for a short time as we testify of the Good News. We all hope that this world's final blow will not be painful or drawn out. Faith reminds us that through tough times or resting, we are closer to our Lord and our home than this world would have us know. We are right on the border!

The Lord is at hand, be anxious for nothing!

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