Friday, November 18, 2016

All I Know Is That He Is Able

There are a great many things that I cannot explain about salvation, sanctification, the Rapture, and I could go on. I cannot explain for example how the Holy Spirit enters the saved person and begins to work in him or her. I do not know the method or means by which Jesus ascended into Heaven. How was John 'brought up there' in response to the command? How is it that Heaven is hidden from us? Mysteries of the gospel: they are so fun to ponder!

We have a tendency from the flesh toward unbelief. The problem with that is it leaves us open to doubting God's ability. We must of course read the scriptures and see that our Lord is extremely and Omnipotently capable! Water out of a rock? No problem for our Lord. Food in a desert waste? Our Lord can provide it daily. A finger of an ocean in the way of an escape? The Lord can divide it and provide a dry seabed for the crossing. A stormy sea hindering His disciples? Our Lord will just walk across the top of it. Not enough food for the multitude? He provides a multiplication fit for thousands to eat and be filled. The scriptures rain on our sandcastle of doubts. The Word is a tidal wave washing away our sandy structures of unbelief!

I don't know how our Lord does many of the things He does. All I know is that He is able, and not only is He able, He is!


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