Thursday, November 10, 2016

Let Us Hasten To The Gathering

The end of the day draws near. The time of the reaping is upon us and the harvest is ripe. How long, we ask, until the Master returns? Perhaps He sees from afar that one sheep from His flock is yet lost in a far canyon. It may be that one field of wheat yet remains that is awaiting the Word of God before it can be harvested. Our final meeting with the Lord cannot take place while there is yet work to be done. Let us hasten to the gathering of God's children by finishing quickly what we have to do in His name. Don't try to do it alone! Seek His mercy and love as we set about those final few tasks which must soon bring forth the gathering and rapture of His church, His beloved bride.

As you can tell, I read my C.H. Spurgeon before starting the task of my own on this day. The idiom of 19th century writing is, at least it seems to me, a bit more lyrical than our tone in this age. We may have e-mail and texting to thank for that, systems which both value brevity in our communication over lengthy sentences and lyrical verse. Most of us do not want to face a 4-page e-mail to start the day, and texts can be cut off if we are not very brief. However, that may not be inappropriate in this age. The end may indeed be just a short time away, and therefore all communication of the gospel must be brief, quick to the point, and sent without delay. Those who have not heard or do not yet believe may not have time for hours-long sermons or letters that span pages; the end times are upon us all! Let us then hasten to the gathering of God's final lost sheep. We may mourn the loss of a slower-paced life from back in the day, but the quickening pace of the world may indeed point to the final sprint to the finish of this race.


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