Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hang On Until The Due Time

Good morning as we look at the final day of 2013. I cannot hang on to the year, but I am promised a new one. You might think, "Ah, ah, you may yet sleep this day!" True, but then I awaken to a new eternity, so much better than just a new year. We use sleep as Paul did because our passing from this world is to go on to the better one. Some living this morning may not see the arrival of 2014 in this world. Those who believe in Christ look forward to that great day. Those who do not...I just don't know how they can face it without fear and trembling. However, we in Christ must hang on until the due time. We don't get to choose the time or day of our passing. Instead, we are to labor on in the harvest and planting until the order comes to go home. Thus, we look forward to a new year with hope. We close the chapter on 2013 today, as Pastor Swindoll mentioned on last night's radio program.

The passing of a year is a time to review and learn, not a time to review and despair. Too often we look back on the past and moan over our failures. Look upon them as a lesson to learn, learn it, and then close that chapter. We are still here, therefore we have another chance to do it right. Whatever your 'it' may be in this new year, you can try again. Some cases may not allow for another try; the moment has been lost for all time. Okay, that is what forgiveness, mercy, and grace covers. No need for despair, let God have His way and move on into the next thing He has for us.

Set aside a bit of time today to figuratively toss out those failures and fallings of this past year. Then, spend a lot more time on the successes and blessings of 2013. Give thanks to God and ask Him for a big hug. We need it for 2014!


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