Thursday, December 12, 2013

Closer, Closer It Comes

Merry Christmas! Closer and closer it comes, the big holiday. Shoppers begin to move a bit faster. Decorators wonder if they will have time before the day arrives. We see a date on the calendar and try not to anticipate, but some things are so good that we have difficulty. The celebration draws near and we feel the excitement. Every day is Christmas in our hearts as Jesus gives us new mercies. One day though, like that first Christmas, Jesus will arrive Himself. No more waiting, no more anticipation, just the view of our Lord coming in His glory.

We live in a period of waiting much like the nation of Israel did between Malachi and John the Baptist. Jesus is coming, but we don't know the date or the hour. A Christmas to cap them all comes closer and closer. Can we stand the anticipation? Like those folks of long ago, I imagine that on some days the coming of our Lord seems very far away and on others it appears imminent. Also like those folks back in the day, we rest in God's assurance that the day will arrive.

The only way to stand the anticipation of a day that is just out there somewhere is to live with Christ in today. I can't make this Christmas come any faster. All of us together will not advance the day of Christ's big return. A countdown of days winds down, but we don't know what the counter stands at today. The day will come, but let us live in the day God has given and rejoice in it.


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