Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Time For Celebration

Merry Christmas! Why do we need to wait for one particular day to celebrate? What about today? Is there a reason to celebrate? Jesus is more than enough reason to celebrate any day. Moving my thoughts off of me and my situation to Jesus and His saving grace causes me to celebrate. Now to learn to do that all the time and every day.

Perhaps we should take Christmas not as a single-day celebration, but as a reminder to celebrate each and every day in Christ. The cat finds his sunbeam, and he celebrates. We must spend a little time each day in searching for our Son beam and learn to celebrate too. Prayer and the Word of God are great places to start our daily search. The heavens declare the glory of God. There too is a place to seek our reason to celebrate. This search is not easy.

We have many things to look around at in this world that would cause us to despair. I suppose that I at least should realize that it is in 'looking around' that I fail. Each of us must find the discipline to look to Christ our Lord. That Son beam shines within us, from the inside out so to speak. Prayer comes from within, and the Word lives within us. Faith grows in the heart, and I suspect that means joy does as well. As the world presses doom and despair upon us from the outside, we must look inside to the Spirit to remind us of the Word.

Aagh! 0923, I must quit gazing and get this out. Merry Christmas to all! A tip of the hat to my sister Kerri too, for inspiring this by her Facebook post yesterday.


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