Monday, December 30, 2013

Standing On The Sand of No Change

Good Monday morning! I saw a comic this morning that came to the punch line of finding a New Year's resolution that works, the character won't change this coming year. Hmm, are you sure that will work? Sounds like a shifting sands job to me. Give yourself to Christ and try not to change. Oh, we do. The rebellion of Adam still works in us and against Christ's Holy Spirit. We may resolve in our carnal flesh to not change over the coming new year, but we won't keep that resolution. The very sand we stood on to make that resolution to not change will shift out from under our feet of clay. Now, make a resolution to change in all the ways Jesus would have us changed in this coming year and we have something to stand on.

With the changing of the year, we will make resolutions that refer to the outside of the cup. What if, and we must pause in prayer to consider this, Jesus is not at all concerned about your weight this new year? No? What if instead our Lord is going to work mighty changes on the inside of the cup and leave the outside alone? Dare we consider that as we make our resolutions upon the shifting sand of the world? With the pressure placed upon us by the world's media, can we even begin to stop, ask God in prayer, and then make resolutions our Savior wants us to work on?

The carnal me knows so much; he doesn't want to stop and ask. Praise God for His Holy Spirit who gives me a little tap on the shoulder, "Hold up there, Hoss! We have some better ideas for this new year." Did the Holy Spirit just call me 'Hoss'? Whatever it takes to get the attention of His troops out in the world, our dear Holy Spirit will remind us that God has a better plan. One with resolutions we can keep through Christ who strengthens us.

In Christ!

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