Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Post-Christmas Downer

Good Saturday morning. Yes, it came a day late or so, but the post-Christmas downer arrives in all its depressing glory. The holiday is gone for another year, decorations are coming down and going into the boxes, and the happy of the Christmas season seems so far away once more. At such a time, we must enter into the prayer closet and begin thanking God for all that we have and all that He is. Salvation, grace, eternal life, and the love of God are still present and no passing of a holiday can take them away.

All we hold dear is kept safe in Christ. Passing of holidays, persons, and other things is a part of the curse sin brought to the earth. However, God is permanent and His love does not pass away. We have much that is not perishable, though we journey through this life in perishable flesh watching our perishable things pass away. When a passing comes, we must turn to that which lives in us now that is not on loan but a down payment of eternity, God's own Spirit. The peace and joy given in the Holy Spirit is not temporary, but is a gift to treasure when the gifts this world bestows have fallen apart. Indeed, not as the world gives does Jesus give to us.

Another year passes soon, but that is not cause for depression. With each passing year we are but a little closer to our Lord to stay with Him forever. Loss, pain, and passing will soon be but a bad memory for us in Christ. Up with your spirits! Christmas is gone for this year, but the One who gave us Himself for Christmas is coming soon!

Amen, come Lord Jesus!

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