Friday, December 20, 2013

Too Much, Too Often

The Friday before Christmas! Schools will let out, vacations will begin today, and let the celebrations begin! When worried over something, those who seek comfort food tend to seek too much, too often. The addicted drug user takes an action the body could recover from and does it too much, too often, and then the body cannot keep up with the damage. We find it easy to fall into a too much, too often pattern of living in many destructive ways and means. However, sound the trumpet call, prayer is an action that we cannot perform too much or too often.

If you think that prayer must be done in a ritualistic fashion with head bowed, eyes closed, and hands and knees folded, then you may not want to do it while driving a car. Prayer is simply talking to God, out loud if possible, but silently in the mind is alright too. God is waiting to hear from each of us at all times, and wants to hear from us more often. We cannot overpray; that isn't even a proper word. Hooray! Give God a Christmas present of you. (A shout out to Naomi for this one!) Talk to your heavenly Father. Set aside a prayer time when you can get together especially for just talking. Leave no subject out (God knows what is in your heart anyway.) and let no thought be edited. Give up every evil thought to the Lord. Then, turn to praise and gratitude.

Have a very grateful Christmas!

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