Friday, December 13, 2013

Beware the Day of Superstition

Friday many will just stay home today? Too late for me, I'm already in Sidney! Next month, 13-13-13, whatever will we do on that day? Yes, it's the new month of Eternuary 2013 where there is always a Friday on the thirteenth! Look at the bright side though, we'll never pay taxes again when the IRS computer blows up! Yay! Actually, if you paid in too much this year, you'll never see that return you were hoping for. Superstition is such a fickle mistress. Good morning on this fine Friday! We enjoyed a marvelous day yesterday and there is a cold front on the way today. Who I wonder, would dare to have the office Christmas party on Friday the thirteenth of the year '13?

We may laugh, but some folks are terrified of the day. Another person's fear is always too easy to take lightly. Even now, early in the morning, a Christian brother or sister might be struggling to fight off the grave rags of the former life of sin. He or she is saved, but those clinging things of the past won't let go just yet. We have similar rags in our life in Christ. Not all has been made new yet. A little empathy in prayer for our fellow humans might be in order on any day, but this one brings up a more specific target: superstition. Many are enslaved to this foul beast.

I may have a clinging rag in my life that appears funny to you. A little humor to salt the morning eggs, hermm? Maybe one of my 'rags' is a tendency to be silly about the serious stuff. I pray for a merry Christmas for all of us, and a blessed Friday too!


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