Monday, December 16, 2013

It's Christmastime

Merry Christmas! Work and school, among other things, go on this week almost as normal. Almost, because in every mind and heart is the knowledge that Christmastime is here. Some may grumble that the day has not arrived yet, but some days are so wonderful that anticipation is not possible to stop completely. We have a day like that out there on the calendar somewhere. You might call it a second Christmas. Our Lord is returning!

The cares and toils of this world try to stop our joyous anticipation, but always we have the knowledge that this world system will not last forever. Jesus is coming! Many will mock our belief and scoff at our credulity. If God's promise is nothing though, what do we have left to believe in? The goodness of man? Please! The strength of the individual? All will die eventually, and even the longest-lived do not have very long in this world. Our accomplishments? What good are they to us after we leave this life? No, we need something more permanent for placing our hope.

The Christmas we celebrate here comes each year, and then goes away once more. Leaving us with a feeling of having missed out on something, a little post-holiday blues so to speak. As wonderful as Christmas here in this world is, we hope for something lasting. A celebration of Christ's birth that never stops. Yes, that may not seem possible for us here in our worldly bodies. With God all things are possible, and though we cannot see the day, His Son is returning to us forever. That day is a Christmas to hope for and anticipate with joy.

Until that day comes, celebrate this year's Christmas with great joy.


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