Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Christmas!

Good morning on this Christmas Day! I reminded Santa that this house does have a chimney, but I forgot to tell him there is no opening. If one day the house is demolished and a Santa suit with a skeleton is found, all I can say is "Oops!" Usually, this is explained by magic. Santa comes into houses without fireplaces through his magic. So, how do we explain the virgin birth? Well, we can't save by the power of God. This is not magic, but the authority of the Creator over His creation. The One who created everything from nothing, save His wish to do so, can create anything He pleases by His authority. Perhaps the better question is: Why would God want to come here?

This explanation can only come from a love so great that what our Lord endured He did to save us. Have you ever avoided something because you would rather not? Jesus didn't. This is not to shame us on this fine Christmas morning, but to remind one and all of the love our Lord showed on that Christmas night when He arrived in Bethlehem. The event caused rejoicing in the heavens and on earth. Stars, angels, wise men, and shepherds got involved in the early celebrations; we got involved in these more recent ones. Blessed be the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ on this Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas to you in the love of Christ Jesus!


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