Thursday, December 05, 2013

I've Heard That One Before

Merry Christmas! Enjoy each day leading up to Christmas. Don't countdown the days or think of how short the time is, just enjoy each single day. Tough to do, isn't it? We like to read the weather forecast for days ahead. We count down the days left to some date like it's sure to happen. Christmas shopping is encouraged a month before the day arrives. We want as much information as possible about a day that is just short of 3 weeks into the future. Is that what Jesus told us to do, worry about a day that far off? Today, I can face the troubles of today.

I face those troubles in prayer. I pray over those troubles in faith. I will not look ahead to dates in the future. Yeah, I've heard that one before too. The imagination of troubles yet to come is a favorite pastime for us anxious types. Scrooge's Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come was formless and dark. The poor man was shown a terrible, and short, future that spoke of an unrepentant life. We don't get that sort of vision. We are repentant, but instead of finishing this life in ease and wealth we are promised troubles. However, Jesus commanded us to take it one day at a time. Does this mean that planning my Christmas is off the table?

No, we are to make our plans with God in prayer. Sufficient for the day are today's troubles, but God gave us minds and a brain to use them. Too often we use those minds to dredge up imaginary troubles that never come. Praise God that planning a wonderful Christmas is not imaginary trouble making. Planning a successful project is an attempt to account for possible troubles, not an anxious imagination of every terrible and ridiculous outcome. I'm opening up a whole new subject here, better reel myself in a bit. I cannot enjoy tomorrow. I cannot relive yesterday and make improvements. Today, let us enjoy this day in the Christmas season together. Wherever we are physically, God connects us together.

In Christ,

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