Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Aren't You Glad?

Good almost noon on this Wednesday! Aren't you glad that Jesus never leaves nor forsakes us? I can get to Sidney before the storm, but if my password memory forsakes me, then I cannot sign in to my GMail to send out the devotional. I made it safely home, and my password memory was better than I give it credit for, but not good enough.

We live in a world where close, in many cases, does not make the standard. A computer password cannot be close, you must have every character correct. Almost remembering the thing does not allow access. Aren't you glad that Jesus has already acknowledged that not one of us will make God's standard and saved us Himself? We are not almost up to snuff by God's standard; all of us are sinners. In the final judgment, no one will be met with a sentence of "Darn, you almost made it." Without the intervention of Jesus, we are all out of the running for eternal life in Heaven.

With the saving grace of Christ, we live in a different state. I don't have to remember a certain number of Bible verses in the correct order to pass the pearly gates. You don't have to pile up a certain tally of good works to get past Heaven's nominating committee. We believe in Jesus, and we are in. Simple and straightforward. The only complication is our desire to make the grade by our own merit. My password creativity may easily surpass my memory recall-ability. If that prevented me from accessing Heaven, I would be doomed. However, Jesus holds the pass to access Heaven, I don't have to worry about forgetting, and no one should worry over not qualifying.

Whoee, now to warm up the outside of me! Cold...

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