Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hope In Christ

Soon we begin the celebration of our great hope. Christmas marks the time that God came down to us as a baby. None deserved this salvation. Few saw the birth for what it was, but it is our great hope for eternity. My great hope is in Jesus, and so is yours. We endure this world for this very reason.

From the time that Adam fell to the time of this birth, God kept a distance from His servants. Moses could not see God directly lest he perish. God spoke, sent messengers, and performed mighty works. But, until Jesus arrived that day in Bethlehem, none could reach out and touch the Lord. Did Mary look at Joseph and say, "I'm hugging God's own Son!" We don't know. Later, a woman would reach out in faith just to touch the robe of our Lord. She was healed. After the resurrection, Thomas of the doubting was invited to touch the risen Lord. But once more we are in a time when we cannot touch.

We miss the touch of our Lord. Who among us does not look forward to the healing and regenerating touch which will cleanse of our ills and pain. We live in hope and faith. The evidence of things not seen and the substance of things hoped for keeps our great hope alive in our hearts. Jesus also gave us a down payment of great things to come in the Holy Spirit. We do not hope alone. The Spirit gives us the strength to live and hope. This hope is not a vague wish, but a certainty based on the Lord's own word. Have a merry Christmas in the hope of Christ!


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