Monday, December 02, 2013

Ah, The Christmas Season!

Good morning with a beautiful sky on a Monday morning! Let us start the Christmas season! Encouragement, rejoicing, joy, peace, and the virgin birth of our Lord Jesus all bring about thoughts of contentment and giving. The thought of coming parties, celebrations, and the reading of the gospel accounts of Christ's birth bring joyous anticipation to mind. The sound of the season comes from the radio and television. People wish each other a Merry Christmas, and perhaps during the workday we even think a bit more often of the baby who started this thing we call Christmas. It's that time of the year; even those flirting with Scrooge-hood allow us to sing and play Christmas carols.

December, Christmas, Advent, it's that wonderful time when a little joy spreads from one to another without quite so much effort. Giving is a little easier for all of us in this time of the year. We welcome Scrooge into our homes and cheer on the four spirits warning him of dire consequences if his life does not turn to doing good. We watch a wish to have never been born turn to a realization that it's a wonderful life. A fellow who believes everyone has a little larceny in him does a good work out of his heart for his old commanding general. And, once in a while, we remember that a child was born and placed in a manger long ago. If Linus doesn't remind us first, a minister at church will tell the great story once more. Should the minister save the story for the Christmas Eve service, then a story on the radio or a desire from the Spirit comes to read certain scriptures. The reason for the season, as they say, will come to mind for those who will believe.

I wish you a wonderful Merry Christmas this year. May Jesus bless your home with a rich celebration.


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