Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Difference In Houses

Good morning! We tend to look at the outside of a house and consider what we like or dislike about it. This morning, I got a different take on that. After feeding the cats, I got a box of stuff out of the garage, and then spent some time watching the meteor shower. As I thanked God for the glory of His heavens, the sheriff pulled up to neighbor Bob's house with his emergency lights flashing in the darkness. Soon an ambulance arrived and later another car that I have seen at Bob's often. In my house, peace, well-fed cats, and time to gawk at meteors. Just over there, not even a block away, a medical emergency. How different the Saturday morning from the inside of one house to the next!

My friend Ric flew into sick this week. So we naturally spoke of when our time may come, or how many days we might have left on this earth. The subject of death and other morbid subjects seems to follow the flu. A serious illness on the other hand causes the subject to be religiously avoided. The flu is just miserable enough to bring old Morty to the door for a nice chat. This morning, I have another reason to be wondering. I am well, but my neighbor needed emergency help. What a difference in our homes today.

It was not my time to help. By the time I noticed something, calls had been placed and emergency services already dispatched. The sheriff didn't use his siren, but at six in the morning even I notice a pickup with emergency lights flashing when it rushes by a mere 20 feet away. The funny thing is that a siren did go from one point in town to another, but nowhere close to us, just a few moments earlier. Did our little town have two emergencies so early on a Saturday and at nearly the same time? The world rushes about, but peace is here.

Jesus gave us His peace (John 14:27), but not all will accept Him. The world rushes faster. In a city, hardly a moment goes by when a siren is not sounding somewhere. Yet, there are many houses in the same city where peace lives. We do not always get to decide in which home we will wake up. Better by far to accept Jesus and His peace this day.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

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