Friday, November 23, 2007

November 23, 2007

Good afternoon! Thanksgiving has given way to the Christmas season as many of you are probably shopping today. I am doing some serious goofing off today, not even having started on my school paper yet. Alas, this cannot go on forever, but it is fun to do once in a while. It looks as though our football team will be home for Christmas. We might as well invite an offensive player( narrows it down eh?) over for dinner, as there doesn't appear to be a defense. :-) There is a silver lining though, just think of all the good comic material we have for the next year!

Pastor Rogers was fond of noting that the world is becoming gloriously dark. He wanted us to note in the gathering darkness the imminent arrival of our Savior, for the second time. In the season of celebration for His arrival the first time, I always like to look forward to that second Christmas, the one where Jesus will come in the clouds to take up His sovereign realm on the new Earth. It sounds very fantastic, and I cannot help but thing that is a good word. It will indeed be fantastic when He arrives, and wonderful, magical, beautiful, glorious. and ... I cannot come up with enough words to describe how it will be on that great day. Praise God for the glory of His coming realm!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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