Wednesday, November 14, 2007

November 14, 2007

Good morning, today is another great day in the Lord! The sun is rising well to the south this morning; how did the season sneak up on me so fast? Thanksgiving is a week away; some of you will be traveling at this time next week. Christmas is but six weeks from yesterday. The year will soon pass into the history books. All of us will be that much closer to meeting our Lord in Heaven. No worries, mate! The Lord watches over us moment by moment, and only He knows what is around the next corner. As for me, God willing, I will attend another Bible study this evening. It seems that more often I like to keep the plans simple. It is easy to try leaping ahead of the Lord, after I finish this, then I'll do this, and go there, and do that, and on and on it goes. The Bible warns us about making all those plans without seeking God's will first. One day at a time sounds pretty good right now. I think that I will just worry about today.

Praise God for the Victory!


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