Tuesday, February 06, 2007

February 6, 2007

Good morning and it’s supposed to be the warmest day that we’ve seen in some time! How many times have you read the verse in the Bible where Jesus says that no man will know the time of his return? Yet, how many times do people still jump at the latest “prophet” who claims this or that about Jesus’ return? Yes, we all see it and must shake our heads when we hear another one speaking about just what Jesus warned us about. People seek Jesus in all sorts of wrong places and directions. I suspect many of us spent some time doing that also; we find out where he is not, but not where he is. The best way to find Jesus is to stop our headlong rush toward the darkness and turn to Him. It seems simple, but the world wants something difficult, something to achieve. Jesus is not anyone’s achievement; he is a gift from God. If we could somehow earn his love or salvation, then that would something to work for and when obtained, to boast about. However, that is the world’s wisdom and Jesus will not have any of that! The gift of salvation is free, no charge, no list of minimum accomplishments, no amount of offering to meet, simply ask and you shall receive, just as he said. Now we move forward, giving thanks unto God for the gift of eternal life with Jesus, our Lord.

Sing a song of praise to Jesus today!


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