Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Some Folks Practice More Than Me

Good morning! As I bumbled and stumbled my way through vocalizing some words in my Bible lesson this morning, I realized that some folks practice talking much more than I do. Now, this is not an insult to them. A person can talk quite a bit more than me and never come close to being known by the pejorative, 'blabbermouth'. Each of us has something he or she likes to practice. We have a passion for some skill and practice follows without coercion. No one must force us to practice or practice more, as happened when we were children and only wanted the performance and praise without the practice. As fallen human beings, we need to practice to perform well.

We see the minister of many years flawlessly giving a sermon, and it looks so easy. What we didn't see was the years of training, practice, and short, stumbling sermons that came before. It may seem funny, but even our sinning requires practice to avoid mistakes. The first time your child told a lie, you probably wondered if he or she was brain damaged so obvious was the fiction in the tale. Your parents and mine could tell of a similar incident from our childhood. In most cases, we gave up practicing such things as a moral code was instilled in us. As we grew older, we learned through some trial and error that some skills would remain beyond mastery, no matter how much practice we applied. Since the Air Force made it clear that half-blind aspiring fighter pilots need not apply, I learned at the tender age of seven or eight that this skill would not be on my future resume.

People practice skills that you or I may not possess because they enjoy a passion and then see some success in that area. Some of them become among the best of humankind in their particular skill, and often we enjoy watching them perform. However, Jesus did not say that He had come to save the best and brightest, or the most skilled and proficient. Jesus came to save all of us who believe in Him. No matter how many skills we have tried and failed at, we can call upon the name of Jesus and be saved for all eternity. When it comes to talking well, perhaps there will be time in Heaven for me to practice that skill. Eternity should be just about right.

Love in Christ!

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