Tuesday, April 08, 2014

I Can't Take That!

Oops, I was just caught messing with the laser switch. Someone knows well the sound of his nemesis being activated. Now to carefully let the cat go back to his morning nap. Okay, all is quiet again. Now, over the years I have accepted many a criticism of myself. The critical remarks that slip off my tongue now and then are little compared to the volume and frequency of self-disparaging remarks I have heard in my mind. Why does it not work when I give myself a compliment? Why are we so wired to be negative toward the self when Jesus told us to love our neighbors as ourselves? If I learned to love my neighbor in the same horribly critical way that I showed love to myself, I would soon have no friends or neighbors.

Perhaps it is something in our western culture that causes so much self rebuke and criticism. Whatever the cause, we are going to have to learn to drag ol' third wheel along when we learn to love God and our neighbors more each day. A cart with two wheels going forward and one sideways will not get anywhere fast. Love of the self needs to join the other two loves and grow in the same direction. God sees all of my imperfections, sins, and failures, and yet He loves me with an everlasting love. Maybe it is time for me to get on board that love boat and learn to love me too!

Have a loving day in Christ!

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