Monday, September 30, 2013

You Are Mine; I AM Your Lord!

Good Monday morning! For the Lord said to us that we belong to Him, and that He will be our Lord. Do we recall the honor that has been placed upon us by this? In our thinking it is just opposite for the perfect God to become Lord of that which has become imperfect through sin. It is wrong, so God sent a way to bridge that great divide. How could we get to God's heavenly home otherwise?

You might point upward in a vague direction of Heaven as we think it sits, but all we see are the stars and planets of God's Creation. Pointing down or around just seems wrong, so up it is, but what good does that do you and me? We cannot hop high enough. Rocket ships carry us to where we cannot breathe, and planes eventually must land again. Someday we might go to another planet, only to stand on its surface vaguely pointing up once more. Moral perfection then?

The Pharisees perhaps came closest to that in their rigid adherence to many rules and laws, including God's law, but Jesus had nothing but criticism for their way. Is a code of ethics kept faithfully the way to be with God? Nope, something is still missing, for to seek Heaven only for the purpose of getting there is selfish. For if one is self-righteous, then he or she does not need the righteousness of the Kingdom of God. Jesus said that our righteousness must exceed that of a group who policed each other and kept an army of rules down to tithing on their herbs. If one cannot make himself perfect, and a group cannot make its members perfect, where do we go from there, a nation or an empire? I think we have studied enough history to know that has never worked.

What then is this way? Some would have us believe that all about God is mysterious; that we can never know enough about God. Hmm, seems to me that I can hear my little Bible scholars racing ahead of me here. Yes, John 14:6 plainly states not what is the way, but WHO is the way, the truth and the life. Nothing mysterious or hidden, Jesus plainly states the answer we seek. Our Lord has not forsaken us in our search for either truth, or the way to Heaven, or for that which is our deepest desire, eternal life. The way to my perfection is in the Lord Jesus. The way to your perfection is in Christ too. We cannot perfect ourselves back into what God created us before the sin and the fall. And why would we want to? For God's way is forward to the fulfillment of His plan. We are going somewhere in Christ, my friends, let us not faint in the way.


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