Friday, September 27, 2013

The Music of the Day

Ulp! I see some leaves changing color. For some of us that is a crescendo or a series of pleasing notes that sings of autumn. For others, the changing leaves are a passage in a minor key, a mourning of summer that is passing. The music of the day is different from one to another in this great concert God has wrought. Friday, of course, is often a cause for a sprightly, happy tune. A melody of weekly cares easing into the weekend celebration. Monday, on the other hand causes the tune to wander into dark areas of back to the job for some, while others celebrate their return. (Some folks is kinda peculiar that way.) A shower of a morning is a cause for singing along with the day's tune, mostly 'cuz the shower covers up the less well-sung notes. We have a tune to hear this day.

Music is often spoken of in the Bible. David used it to perform his poems, and he played the harp to soothe the distressing spirit in Saul. The heavenly host celebrated the birth of the Christ child. I'm sure the host would approve of Christmas music with only 3 months to go to the blessed date. What's that, you didn't begin the day with Christmas tunes? I guess your music of the day will survive this one time. Probably should look into fixing that tomorrow though, December the 25th is just around the corner. The day begins; time for me to play a happy tune of glory to God!


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