Saturday, September 28, 2013

Enjoy To God's Glory

For the folks from Kimball this morning, we will call this the Farmer's Day devotional. Whoo, I remember the cold mornings in a band uniform waiting to march down the street. Then, we had to walk home to change because the usual heat of September days was on the way. Somewhere down the road a bit, a bunch of kids are preparing to do that very thing. Meanwhile, at 36 deg outside, this is a good morning for hot drinks or hot breakfast cereal. Why limit yourself, have hot drinks and a hot breakfast, and enjoy it to the glory of God our provider.

We wonder at times if we should enjoy anything at all. Are we not to share in the sufferings of Christ? Yes, but did Jesus leave us His peace so that we are only allowed to suffer peacefully? Do we not go the way of the man earning his salvation by constant penance when we eliminate joy? How do we tell the unbeliever that she is signing up for a lifetime of nothing but doleful suffering? Well, I certainly hope that is not the life of following Christ. Tribulation and suffering will come, but I want to know the joy of following Jesus. What good for Jesus to overcome the world if we cannot enjoy His victory?

It seems to me that God would enjoy our company a lot more if we were not always heavy-burdened with suffering. Does not the Shepherd celebrate when the sheep have a victory? I believe that my God wants to enjoy His bounty with me. Yes, He will train me up and grow my faith in sufferings. But, He also lives in me and wants me to be joyful, grateful, loving, and even at times, happy. Not every circumstance is sent to plant my hopes and joys in the grave of despair. It is too easy to grasp our sufferings around us like a cloak of many colors, and then explain to the Lord how good we are becoming. Might be time to open up that cloak and let some of God's Sonshine in.


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