Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I'm From Nebraska, Not Bethlehem

Good morning! Yes, I mostly realize that I live in Colorado now, but much of my life I lived in Nebraska. Last night, I was thinking that in trying to be like Jesus, I sometimes get confused and try to BE Jesus. I remind myself that I am from Nebraska, not Bethlehem.

A Christian strives to become more like Jesus in behavior and thought, and especially in what we say. However, some things remain in Christ alone. We can forgive one another, but we cannot forgive sin. We can be merciful to one another, but to grant mercy from sin belongs to God. We can die on a cross, but only the death of Christ on the cross removed the penalty of sin from us. I can encourage you, and you me, but only Jesus could send His Holy Spirit into us. One of us might guess what the other is thinking, but only Jesus in the Spirit knows what is going on in all of our thoughts.

One of us may joyfully greet the other on our arrival in Heaven, but I think all of us want to see Jesus then, and when we see Jesus, we will know that He is from Bethlehem, not Nebraska. We will know that many have become like our Lord, but we will also know our Lord. We will see then that we are adopted into the family of God, but there is only one Son of God. You and I will also know what we should learn now, that Jesus created us to be who He created us to be. You and I are becoming like Him and bearing His image more and more, but we are also His creations and we bear unique qualities and traits that He treasures.

In Christ,

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