Saturday, September 14, 2013

It Is A Glorious Day

Good morning and good day! The world is in such a state; how can I say that this day is glorious? I choose to believe it. Jesus has come. He died for your sins and mine. On the third day, just as He foretold, He rose again. In faith I am forgiven. In mercy I receive a reprieve from the judgment. In grace I walk forward in joyful anticipation of all that is to come. The Lord is great and gracious. The Lord loves me and you! How can we not say the day is glorious?

My Lord sees tomorrow. He holds it in His hands alone. The Devil may try to steal our hope with lies, but the Accuser of the brethren no more holds tomorrow than you or I. God alone knows the future and speaks of it to us as He wills. Today is the day He has granted to me. As we are commanded in His word, let us rejoice and be glad in it. Hallelujah!

Wait, some may ask, how is it that you, given what we know of your situation, can celebrate the day? Ah, but wait I say, how is it that you believing your situation to be better are not? If I compare situations by looking around me, surely I will never celebrate except when meeting those of the most dire and unfortunate circumstances. I have collected a few 'worse than me' stories in my time, but none have helped me to celebrate. This is not the way of joy, but of pity. I am not blind to the situation, but I choose to believe in the providence of God. It is not what I see, but what I choose to believe that lifts me up to the joy we may have in Christ.

Amen, Lord! You are with me, I am with You. Let us go forward to the joy You have prepared!


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