Friday, September 20, 2013

Praise Him All The Day

Good morning! The flood waters are due to recede today and the town is still dry. We look forward to a good day, one of praise and thanksgiving. However, we must also remember those who lost lives or homes in this disaster. We know that God makes great things come from what we see as a disaster in our lives. A person staring at the remains of their home might find that hard to hear or even believe. How much greater would life be if God had stopped the disaster in the first place? A person might ask us in return. We don't have an answer to that, because we are not permitted to know what might have been or would have been.

Some circumstances present an easy answer. As the students arrive at school across the street, one may ask something like, "Why do we have to go to school when the kids over in that other town do not?" That is an easier answer. The town upstream a ways from us cannot flush toilets or take a shower. The towns downstream are just starting to deal with the flooding effects. We have it pretty good here. Sorry, the kids must go to school in our little town. They don't sound too upset at the moment. In a far country, kids cannot attend school without armed escort. In all things, praise the Lord.

What? Can't we wait for the perfect circumstance or at least the perfect day to praise Him? Some days are easier than others, some circumstances more conducive to praise and thanksgiving. We don't always get to choose which ones surround us. Praising God in a tough circumstance is a witness that shines brighter than the praise that comes from plenty and easy living. So, we who walk by faith love to stay in the tough circumstance to increase our witness? Goodness no! We try to get out just as soon as we can. We have a heart for Heaven, and these tough times will not last against the coming of Christ our Lord.


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