Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Today Is The Day That Much Will Happen

Good morning! I walked across the rails today for a few photos, but there was not much to see. There is water on the town side of the trees by the river, but not much. We are far from danger as of 0600 this morning. The flood crest is due this evening as of the last report I heard. Today is the day that much will happen. Interesting thought. If a mystic sort of person in a certain environment said that to us, we might think it a curse. However, in the light of a new day and watching for flood waters, it simply means that we wait only today for disaster, inconvenience, or just a sight of something we may not see for another 50 years.

In our Christian life and walk, such a statement may mean the end of a waiting period. A day when slow turns to fast in events that God has promised. Forces our Lord set in motion months or years ago may collide or connect today in ways we never imagined. Yes, it may mean a disastrous event for us, at least in what appears to our limited vision. Or, the events may be so stupendously wonderful that we can only tremble in praise and adoration of God our Heavenly Father. Mostly, we fully expect the first and scoff at the latter, and with that kind of faith we get what we believe in.

Praise God for the possibility of great and wonderful things in life today.

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