Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Taking the Humble For Granted

Good morning, because God is good. No, we are not underwater this morning. The flood is due beginning today and peaking tonight or tomorrow morning. Measurement difficulties all along the river make peak determination difficult, and it probably doesn't help that some of the river wants to take off across the prairie and visit fields and farms along the way. Sterling, the town up river about 50 miles, has some difficulties this morning. Scan through yesterday and think about not flushing the toilets, at all...anywhere in town. The humble little porcelain thing in our homes and businesses gets a lot of, uh, business in any given day. We tend to take them for granted as they are always there and mostly available. Some places or homes fail to clean them regularly. Others let them languish in chipped brokenness. A humble thing deserves humble treatment it seems.

Every town has one or more servants who are treated in much the same way. "Oh, she does this menial job and..." usually in a lowered voice, "she's mentally retarded you know." We may do this without a second thought due to our growing up in a society that does this sort of thing. Actually, all societies since the term was invented probably have done the same thing. Bird societies kick and berate the ugly duckling. Lion prides boot that horrible male lion who grew up without a mane. "He's funny you know, not a real lion at all," the pride's senior lioness comments with a snarky aside.

Jesus was humble. Oh, dear... Yes, the Son of God came down to this ball of dirt from which He created us. The humble servant of all was often taken for granted. The Pharisees refused to believe and used their rules to accuse Him of law breaking. The scribes tested our Lord and plotted how to murder Him. Even His closest disciples fled His presence in the dark hours of His need. The humble Teacher was treated poorly by many and ignored by many more. Yet, Christ alone brought salvation, a way out of our sin depravity and the penalty looming over us all. The humble was taken for granted and still obeyed God, accomplishing His mission out of His great love.

Praise God for the humble things, amen.

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