Friday, September 13, 2013

Superstitious Silliness?

Happy Friday the 13th! We haven't had one of these since the last time the 13th hit on a Friday. They seem to do that now and then. We tend to make light of some superstitions, but are they all silly? We read in Samuel of Saul's attempt to use a medium to get instructions from God. It worked. The prophet Samuel was called up by the medium, and he wasn't particularly happy about it. The problem we have with the occult, other than it seeks in the opposite direction of God, is that not all of it is silly superstition. People chase after the occult because they get results, when God at times seems silent.

It's not fair! we holler at the clouds. We witness to God's everlasting grace, and then the seeker of knowledge gets an answer from the other side. The sinner finds his sought after higher power, and we are left wondering. We seek God in prayer...and no answer. The sneaky question worms its way under our shield of faith, "Am I on the wrong side?" Wait, that was the answer: faith!

Faith in God is entering at the narrow gate, and treading the straight path. God may be silent for a time to see if we will remain faithful. Many sinners will get the answer they seek in their hardened hearts, while for a little while we go without an answer. Faith is a tough road at times. We may see a brother in Christ searching, seeking, waiting for an answer, and it grieves us that he doesn't get one for a season. Faith is not the easy way of quick answers. It is easy for the worldly to get their answers from the prince of this world. We who walk in faith may have to wait, and it is a tough place to tread. It may seem unfair to us, but how much would faith grow if God always provided quick and easy answers?

I have been in that tough spot for some time now. Yes, I will admit to praying for answers and hoping God would respond quickly. However, I want to remain faithful and count on the strength of Christ to stand. Many of you have helped me in this time through prayer and donation, and I have prayed that God would bless you for it. I trust that an answer is near, and I ask that you remain faithful with me for just a little longer.

The blessing and peace of Christ Jesus to you on this Friday of faith,

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