Saturday, September 21, 2013

If Only For One Person

We read the bit about all nations or the uttermost corners of the Earth, and we may feel guilty that our witness does not spread quite that far. We must remind ourselves that the church is a team. We do not do this alone. This morning, I thought about the reasons for writing a devotional. If it is about the number of recipients, or the geographic spread of those numbers then many more writers and preachers are doing much better than me. This would of course mean that ministers of the very large churches will have a higher place in Heaven.

I don't need to search the gospels very deeply to see that it is not about numbers, but about love. If a person seeks to serve numbers, then he will naturally want higher reward. When it comes time for the salary review, the numbers will be brought out and displayed. However, I don't think that a motivation for numbers will hold up in life, or in God's court. The higher the number of recipients, the greater the correspondence and the more attention the minister gains. But, these things can only make the servant feel that he or she is doing a good job. A feeling is not necessarily an indication of the truth, for our feelings are easily swayed by circumstance.

Love says that witnessing, if only for one person, is a worthwhile endeavor. We are somewhere near the seventh anniversary of this devotional, and some of you have been reading it since the beginning in September of 2006. If only one person reads what I write, then I will continue writing for it is my witness to the world. How valuable is a witness to just one person? Imagine where that person may spend eternity if he or she does not get that witness. A Christian may be chained in a dungeon somewhere in a far country. She may have only one human contact to witness to through a small hole between cells, but that witness is valuable to God. You or I may not have a large audience, but we have a great and wonderful witness full of the Good News of Jesus Christ!

God be with you in grace and peace on this day,

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