Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Is It Safe To Mock The Devil?

Good morning after a wonderful Tuesday Bible study. I got the response yesterday; Courtney is out for the week. So, we can mock the poor old girl all we want this week. Oops, the 'old' was a mock already, she is considerably younger than yours truly. Ah, the gentle sounds of the breaking surf can be heard in Brandee's basement. Mine is dry so I can mock by speaking of tidal currents, rip tides, surf and other basement horrors not generally found in Nebraska. Wow, I'm really asking for it, if justice is to be served, by mocking the misfortunes of others. Not that a week away from work is a misfortune, but Courtney's sweet, softball-smackin' husband might take offense at my mention of her precious name. The lighthearted mocking of my friends in Christ brings up the question in the title: is it safe to mock the Devil?

We have read that we are to resist the Devil and he will flee from us. However, there are also statements handed down from of old that by mocking the Devil he will flee from us as well. This sounds like fun at first, but then it also sounds a bit scary. Is not the Devil that former great angel called Lucifer? Even though fallen from on high, should we not show respect? Good questions! The Bible speaks much of reverencing and respecting God. I cannot recall a command to respect our Adversary. The power of the Devil lies in, well, lies. This deceit causes us to fear, and Jesus says many times to not fear. Jesus called Satan a murderer. Do we respect murderers? Do we reverence a known liar? Certainly not!

What is safety? Is it in getting along with a liar? Whose power do we depend on in this life of faith? God's power of course. We are saved through the power of Christ who rose in victory over death and the grave. Jesus is our Lord, and our Lord said that the prince of this world had no authority over Him. I suppose the question is best answered by where we place our faith. In a known deceiver and liar? Then you had better show respect. But if your faith is placed alongside mine in the Almighty God, Creator of the heavens and the earth, then I think we should reverence Him and not worry about that other being. Can we ignore the Devil all the time? No, you and I are on God's side now, and we will be attacked. When it comes, use resistance, mocking, the name of Jesus and get the liar out of your head. Get into prayer, and if you have an in-house pool as I did last year, meditate on God's word to the gentle sounds of the basement surf.

Let the goodness of God reign down upon us!

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