Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What Can We Do?

Aiee! My resources are not enough. My time is too little. The days go by so quickly. My intelligence is far short of what I need. I have nothing to give this month. I'm putting the 'me' in these examples, and now I sound like a great big whiner. We have heard comments such as these and probably used them at times ourselves. Every church has felt that there is never enough volunteers (try paying them!) or the offering is too little (Oops). Many households have felt the financial blow of a job loss. We look at our resources, or at least what we think is the sum total of our resources, and complain that we have too little to accomplish what we want or feel called by God to finish. Wait, called by God? Is that the key?

The number one resource of every Christian man or woman is God. James reminded us that we have not because we ask not. When we do ask, we fail to ask in faith. It may seem strange to our earthly ears, but God wants to serve us. After salvation, God serves us by raising up a tiny little seed of faith into a mighty tree of faith. This faith is what enables all of the other services God does for us. Love grows in us because we believe in God. Confidence in God's provision grows in us when faith grasps the promise of God. We learn more of who God is when we trust what God says in His word. Belief and trust belong to faith as hydrogen and oxygen belong to water. If belief in Jesus is the root, then faith is the trunk and trust is the branches of our living tree. Covering the entire tree are the leaves of God's grace, and the blossoms of His love. In the due time, God will bring forth the fruit on this tree, and a bountiful harvest it will be.

What we can do with all of this faith, love, trust, and belief is pray. At the moment you may not have enough money to give, but you have enough prayer to give. Today, there may not be time on your schedule to give, but on the way to some event you can give some prayer. Tomorrow your physical resources may be less than today, but you still have prayer in the cupboard to give. If any of us stop to think about it, no matter how short we are in some resource today, we would take prayers for us above any other giving. I know that I would, and I thank God for your prayers for me. I will take the time today to give some prayers for you. We may be short of everything in this world today, but hug the tree of your faith and pray for one another.

The grace and mercy of Jesus Christ our Lord to you on this day of prayer.


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