Friday, July 26, 2013

The King Needs His 'Of Kings'

The news is out: It's an apricot tree! Think of the poor tree being known as a fruitless fruit tree. Jesus took out a fig tree that did that. Fruit trees have a tough standard and they know it. As I suspected though, we are too far north or too high up for good apricots most of the time. Two out of ten years I can expect a good crop. That is not a very good batting average - the ol' Bob Uecker lifetime batting average. I'll just have to name my fruit tree "Bob". Bob produced 2 apricots this month, and one has already fallen. Bob is not going to feed me, it would seem. However, we know from of old that fruit trees are not to be depended upon. We shouldn't worship them or pray to them. We have a Savior and He is a proven authority over fruit trees.

Speaking of little fruits, there is a few news items lately about a certain royal fruit of the ol' vine. Another George, if you can believe that. We fought a revolution over here because we had the wrong George in charge. I can't believe they want to start that contest up again. The little apple of his mother's eye is third in line for the throne. Of course, his granddad may not live long enough to see ol' Mum give up her seat. The good news for us is that to take the title of King of kings, our Lord needs His 'of kings', otherwise the title makes no sense. I'm being silly, but this is a Friday and a little silliness just proves that I can be silly too. Or nonsensical and repetitive and almost anything but a George.

Actually, Jesus has provided some kings to fit His title already. Those who believe in our Lord will one day rule with Him. He will have some lords to be Lord over as well. This must be true for we know from the Revelation that Jesus will one day ride forth as King of kings and Lord of lords. Yer so smart, says so right in the Word, to mimic that funny duck of a few years ago. Ah Friday, a day to be a little silly before the weekend. Enjoy the Lord today!


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