Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ah, One of God's Great Mornings

G'day and a great morning to you! I took one of those trivia tests yesterday where one is lead to think that a trick question must be there somewhere. Of course there is not, so I ended up only tricking myself into doubting my knowledge. We are so easily fooled in this world. This morning starts with cooler and drier conditions, and a nice breeze blowing. It's mid-July and almost jacket weather today, one of God's great mornings. But are we so easily pleased with conditions? Well, most of the time we are caught up in the current condition either to complain or to rejoice. I hate it when I am easily made to complain over the heat or humidity, or the cold and sleet, or many other weather conditions that don't satisfy. Paul called us to rejoice in the Lord always, yet I am too easily put out of sorts by a little change in conditions.

On the other hand, a little change the other way and I am happy, praising God and giving Him the glory. I must wonder then which is in the wrong. Is the curse from the Fall of Adam more on the conditions around me or on my self and body? Truth is, we don't know. God's great creation fell with Adam. What had been a beautiful garden without thorns and weeds, where animals lived at peace with man, became off limits. Adam and Eve were expelled from paradise and the world they entered was not a nice place. Of course things around us will not be to our pleasure all the time. The thing is to not be about grumbling to God over what we - for you and I cannot claim that we would have done better than Adam or Eve - have done, but to look to God for a new heart and one day, a new life with Him forever.

Eden isn't coming back, but something better is promised. The Tree of Life will live with us without the awful temptation of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Each and every morning will be one of God's great mornings. Darkness is not a part of this new place. Evil is banished. But the place will be more than just the absence of the bad, it will be all about the eternal presence of all that is good. Don't expect boredom to be there, and languishing is not on the activities list. Languishing is not just waiting; languishing is waiting with a certain doom at the other end. As in, not waiting for your favorite comedy to start, but waiting at the doctor's office for a test or procedure that is sure to cause pain and great discomfort. As though simply waiting in the doctor's office was not enough of that already. If we wait on something in Heaven, it will be with the eager anticipation of a childhood Christmas multiplied by a hundred or so. I think we have something great to look forward to.


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