Monday, July 08, 2013

Shh, They're Everywhere!

Good Monday on this fine Monday! Capt. Obvious here, ready to help you find brilliance in observations such as today is a day. Way back in the day, on a day much like today, Elijah didn't think that God had any people left. The 'I'm all alone' thing is a symptom of depression or anxiety, take your pick, and Elijah was suffering a bit of it. Today, we may think the same thing during a time of intense suffering or trial. Job's wife told him to end it by cursing God, and his friends showed up to dump on him. Job probably felt very alone, but God was there. We are not alone!

Not only is God with us at all times, but if we begin to look around, we will find God's people. Here, there, and everywhere, God's people live in small towns, larger towns, cities, and out in the country. The people who believe in Jesus live in houses, huts, tents and mansions. We might find a doctor here, a nurse there, a maintenance man over there, an administrative assistant down yonder, and a student in that college town. Yet, sometimes the obvious places are not where we find them.

A pastor might seem a sure bet, sort of like picking the winner in a one horse race, but that is not always true. A position as pastor of a church is one of central attention. Some folks want that so much that they become pastors just for the fame, be it small or large. Pastors with a television or Internet ministry can pull in a lot of loot. Some will join the ministry for that reason too. Any position where a person can hold up a flag saying "ME!" and wave it for all to see is a temptation for some folks, perhaps to a greater or lesser degree for all of us. However, the feeling of loneliness is probably a more common temptation. We don't know for sure where we will find God's people, but we are here.

Praise God for this day!

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