Saturday, July 27, 2013

You're Just One of Us

Good morning! Have you had that enjoyable experience of watching a documentary or news report only to find that in a similar situation the people on the screen took the same steps as you, or even had the same thought you did? Hopefully it wasn't during a documentary on a prison population that this occurred for you. It can be humbling to find that in a situation you or me did not come out so uniquely strong, smart, and well-prepared as we thought or hoped. We took the same steps and found the same pitfalls as those other folks way over there in New York did. We looked at the situation and felt the same pain even to the point of thinking the same thoughts as that guy in Florida or California did. Should we be embarrassed? Perhaps not.

If in a situation you or I tried to utilize the strength, intelligence, and abilities that exist only in us, we are most likely to find out that we are not that much different from anyone else. The world overwhelms us with an ease that is almost laughable maybe one or two or ten years later after the disaster is more memory than immediate pain. Right now, we look at the screen in a bit of shock as we think, 'that guy did exactly the same thing I did, and we both fell hard on our poor posterior!' It is at this point that a true friend helps out by unwittingly blurting out, "Man, what a stupid oaf! Can you believe anyone would do that?"

When it comes to your humanness, you're just one of us. If we want to be special and shine in a tough situation, we can try to count on luck, it works some of the time for some people, or we can run to God in prayer and supplication. We are unique creations in Christ, but we need our Lord to bring out our special qualities and strengths in and under His strength and wisdom.

Have a loving weekend!

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