Tuesday, July 30, 2013

You're The One I Come To

All right, I'm back from the Tuesday morning Bible study and ready to write a devotional. Someone remind my fingers how to type and I'll be good to go. When I have no idea what to write for a day, or two or three, I come to the Lord in prayer. Sunday school teachers, ministers, worship leaders, and all manner of Christ servants use the same method. Often, I spend a little time beating my brains around trying to come up with a subject first, but coming to the Lord is where I end up. My mind is so well-trained by the world to depend on myself first that I fail to begin each little journey on the right step. Each day is a part of our larger journey with Christ, and we very much need to stop before we start and say a prayer for guidance and comfort.

Dear Lord my Father,
When I have doubts about the path I am on, you're the one I come to.
When I feel lost and alone, you're the one I come to.
When I disobey, it's because I didn't come to you until it was too late.
When I rebel against your word, it is because I am turned away from you.
When the guilt of sin arrives, then you're the one I come to.
When forgiveness and mercy is my heartfelt need, then you're the one I come to.
When joy unspeakable fills my heart, you're the one I came to.
When peace like the still waters envelops my soul, you're the one I came to.
When the self takes a step back, and the needs of others I bring before You in prayer, it is then that You have come to me with healing.

Praise and glory to God my Father,

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