Friday, July 12, 2013

A Meeting Under the Tree

We have it pretty good these days. Whenever we wish to meet for something, there is a church, a club house, a meeting hall, or a conference room. Yes, in the workday some of you may think something like, "When we want to meet, there is never a conference room available!" Well, you're ruining my point here! What I mean is that we have so many structures today that meetings are usually scheduled by the size of the room. Sometimes it may cost a small fee, other times a larger fee, but we have a large choice of places to meet inside. Back in the day, a meeting often took place under any convenient tree.

Now, we are not here to wax nostalgic about gathering in the shade of a tree, though the temperature today might make us walk from tree shade to shade as much as possible. However, when we get the next day that is quite a bit less than 100, we can dump on the bug dope and give it a go for old times sake. The bugs, you see, like to meet under a tree too. But let us consider the goodness of God for a while today.

What if God created trees to leaf in the winter, in order to gain more sunlight from the shorter days, and had them drop their leaves at the start of summer to avoid getting too much sunlight. We would have shade in winter, when we need it less, and no shade for the hot summer months. Did you ever wonder that God created the rainbow in such beautiful shades of color? He could have created something in shades of dull brown and gray that served the same purpose. In His goodness God gave us music, hardly something necessary for our basic survival. Many other arts we are made to appreciate, yet none is vital to our immediate health. Perhaps we can take a little time this weekend to meet under one of God's trees and appreciate something completely unnecessary but beautiful to the eye.

Praise and honor to God our Father!

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