Friday, July 19, 2013

Line of Sight

Good morning! Looks like I brought some rain with me to Sidney for this morning. What is in your line of sight today? Too often we judge God by what we see in the moment. We know how little we can see in time, yet we look around and whine like there's no tomorrow. Perhaps we can change our attitude a little (or a lot) and see the good job God has done this morning. A little gratitude to our Lord and Savior might go a long way today. Could we with a helpful happy attitude of gratitude make our Friday a blessing to all those around us feeling a little down? There is hope on the horizon, and the horizon ain't that far away. Let us spread a little sunshine!

So far this morning, I am not eating enough cereal, my wallet is empty because I haven't purchased enough pizzas, and I'm unsafe because I'm driving the wrong vehicle. As you can tell, I'm watching the television at Ric's place while I write this. I could really use some of those miracle pizzas, but my suspicions are aroused. Sorry, but I don't believe that I can keep my wallet full by spending money on their pizza; that just doesn't seem to make sense to me. Maybe I have discovered the reason that I'm not rich. Buy more frozen pizzas, keep your wallet full! And the world calls me crazy.

I pray that you enjoy a great weekend and a wonderful day at work. God's love to you!


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